Our Services

Concrete Soakwells

We specialise in helping new homeowners install sturdy, long-lasting, regulatory-compliant soakwells.

We’ll help you supply and install a top quality concrete soakwell. We have dozens of sizes to suit your needs and capacities – and all of our soakwells are wrapped in geo-cloth to prevent unwanted leaching.

Fixing Poor Installations

Are you having flooding problems or issues with your soakwells and paving sinking?

We’re used to fixing lousy soakwell installations.

We can remove and reinstall your paving, including clearing away any excess water and soil. We’ll help you restore your paving to its former glory.

Channel Grate

Having trouble with your garage flooding?

Channel strip drain systems are excellent solutions to commercial and domestic slot and strip drains.

We’ll stop your garage flooding – we supply and install high–quality channel grate.


Proper stormwater drainage management is critical to keeping your home flood-free during a big storm.

Don’t let excess runoff put your home at risk. Contact us for a comprehensive price list for all your 90mm stormwater pipe and fittings.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem. If you’re renovating or installing a new patio, we can set you up with a new soakwell system – or add to your existing system.

Pipe Work

Well-managed pipework is critical to ensuring a long-lasting soakwell installation.

We can install pipework from the downpipes though to the soakwells, as well as to the council drainage spigot if required.

Excavator Hire

Need to hire an excavator? We have a 1.5-tonne excavator for hire for all of your excavating needs. Our operator has over 15 years experience – ensuring the job is done right the first time.

We can help you with trenching, stump removal, digging footings for your house – or anything else that you need an excavator for!