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Need Help Installing a Soakwell? WA Soakwells Have Installed THOUSANDS of Soakwells All Around Perth.

Plus We Offer a Generous 10 Year Warranty Guarantee on all of our Soakwell Installations!

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Need help with a Soakwell installation? We specialise in new home concrete & polypropylene soakwell installations, stormwater drainage installations, channel grate, and pipe work. Call us today for a FREE quote. We service all areas of Perth, including surrounding rural areas.
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Concrete & Polypropylene Soakwell Installation

We specialise in helping new homeowners install sturdy, long-lasting, regulatory-compliant soakwells.

We’ll help you supply and install a top quality concrete soakwell. We have dozens of sizes to suit your needs and capacities – and all of our soakwells are wrapped in geo-cloth to prevent unwanted leaching.

Fixing Poor Installations

Are you having flooding problems or issues with your soakwells and paving sinking?

We’re used to fixing lousy soakwell installations.

We can remove and reinstall your paving, including clearing away any excess water and soil. We’ll help you restore your paving to its former glory.

Channel Grate

Having trouble with your garage flooding?

Channel strip drain systems are excellent solutions to commercial and domestic slot and strip drains.

We’ll stop your garage flooding – we supply and install high–quality channel grate.


Proper stormwater drainage management is critical to keeping your home flood-free during a big storm.

Don’t let excess runoff put your home at risk. Contact us for a comprehensive price list for all your 90mm stormwater pipe and fittings.

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Pipe Work

Well-managed pipework is critical to ensuring a long-lasting soakwell installation.

We can install pipework from the downpipes though to the soakwells, as well as to the council drainage spigot if required.

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Excavator Hire

Need to hire an excavator? We have a 1.5-tonne excavator for hire for all of your excavating needs.

We can help you with trenching, stump removal, digging footings for your house – or anything else that you need an excavator for!

WA Soakwells: Perth Soakwell Installation Specialists

WA Soakwells will come to you for your soakwell installation: we service all areas of Perth, including surrounding rural areas.

We can help you install a quality soakwell at a great price. We’re so confident that you’ll love the quality of your soakwell installation, that we offer a generous 10 year warranty on all of our installations.

Call Us Today for a No-Obligation, 100% Free Quote.

Perth Soakwell Installation Specialists

A soakwell (also known as a dry well or drywell) is crucial to protecting your home or business from excess rainwater. Forgetting the fact that managing rainwater on your property is a legal requirement, it makes absolutely no sense to cut corners with your soakwell system. Although many people like to build DIY Soakwells, this is not a good idea.

Unless you effectively manage rainwater on your property, you could be faced with carrying out extensive repairs and renovations to your home, both inside and out, above and below. Let us do the tricky stuff for you – here at WA soakwells we’ve installed tens of thousands of soakwells all around Perth.

Sudden storms pop up frequently in Western Australia. If your property is comprised mainly of clay covered by a thin layer of topsoil, an intense storm with heavy rain can easily wash away your good soil. Once your soil begins to erode, it is challenging to halt or reverse the process.

A soakwell will protect your soil and help to keep it in place. Contact us today for a free quote on a concrete soakwell installation.

Have Some Questions About Your Soakwell Installation?


A Soakwell is a subsurface water tank that aids in the on-site detention of rainwater collected from roof areas. Soakwells protect your home against flooding, soil erosion, and rain damage. Soakwells also prevent your water from flowing into neighboring properties, which is your legal obligation as a homeowner.

Not always. Although concrete soakwells are strong they are certainly not the most efficient. Polypropylene tanks have a 65% surface drainage area and therefore drain 50% faster. They are also fully trafficable, resistant to degradation and environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials. Unlike concrete tanks, polypropylene tanks can cater to any volume requirements and are perfect for small confined spaces.

In WA your only legal obligation is to retain the stormwater on your property. In most cases, the installation of soakwells is the most effective way to achieve this. Your local council will provide recommendations for the volume of soakwell to be installed for your property. This will ensure stormwater is effectively detained within your property. However, you are not legally obliged to install soakwells.

The soakwell volume recommended by your council is a guide only, and is not a legal requirement. As such, you will not need to provide proof of the volume of soakwell that you have had installed and you cannot receive a council notice or fine if you do not install the recommended volume. However, the closer you are to the recommended volume, the less the risk of overflow, as the councils have determined this volume from years of statistics on rainfall. This means there is less risk of stormwater flowing into neighboring properties, which can result in a non-compliance order, as well as less risk of damage to your home.

Yes, please be assured that WA Soakwells is a registered Australian business (ABN 96 123 735 596) and has been operating in Perth for over 15 years. We are insured and all our work also comes with a 10-year guarantee on products and workmanship.

We prefer to install open grated drain tops directly under the downpipes. This prevents any overflow backing up into the ceilings. The soakwells are unlikely to flood but this is still a risk not worth taking. The open grated drain tops also act as a leaf trap, preventing your soakwells filling up with leaves and other organic matter that has drained from your roof.

Polypropylene soakwells have 65% more drainage surface area than their concrete counterparts, and are less likely to flood. However, it always better to go for the full volume that the council recommends. This will guarantee sufficient volume even in heavy downpours that are experienced approximately 1 in 20 years in Perth (on average).

Absolutely not. Polypropylene soakwells are completely different from plastic PVC soakwells. They are fully trafficable and non-biodegradable, so they will last forever. Unlike plastic PVC soakwells, the polypropylene soakwells will not collapse.