Jonathan Suckling

Soakwell Specialist (20+ years experience)

Jonathan leads WA Soakwells and has over 20 years of experience in soakwells, excavation, and stormwater drainage.

Jonathan is passionate about making sure his clients get the right stormwater system at a fair price, with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

You can reach Jonathan directly at 0412 226 517 to discuss the details of your stormwater installation.

About WA Soakwells

WA Soakwells is a wholly WA owned and operated family business based in the Perth suburb of Cannington. We specialise in new home storm water drainage installations. We have been installing storm water drainage and concrete soakwells since 1993, and have a world of experience when it comes to all things storm water drainage and soakwells.

Soakwell installations can quickly become complex when the various regulations, site conditions and other underground services are taken into consideration. We do this every day and can help you navigate this complex job. We’ve installed soakwells working alongside many of Perth’s top builders, including:

  • APG
  • Artique Homes
  • Ben Trager Homes
  • BGC
  • Sapphire Homes
  • Content Living Homes
  • Dreamstart Homes
  • Mindful Homes

We have experience in installing soakwells in new homes, units, car parks, and more. You can learn more about what a soakwell is, or contact us today to find out how we can help you with a hassle-free soakwell installation.